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> Dave,
> Relay locations.  The Aux Relay Panel as shown on pg 531 is confusing in
> that it is shown upside down and is wrong in relay numbering and ID, at
> least relative to the actuals in my car.  This panel in my car is closer to
> that of the '90 200 as is shown on pg.333.  Anyway, the the AC relay (mine
> is marked #295, but other versions were also used, like #306) is in the
> center row, end position, opposite the connector end.  This relay should
> opperate if you force the signal from the AC Programer high.  Or pull the
> relay and jumping the socket contact terminals should force the clutch to
> run all the time, when engine is running.
> Bernie

Thanks, Bernie... I'll give that a try.  Bentley shows it in postion 4... and
just to make sure I was oriented correctly, I verified positions 3 and 5,
which proved to be correct.  Left me sort of confused as to why the noise
maker was in position 4???

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