Roof rack-sedan, low cost

Brandon Rogers brogers at
Fri Nov 1 14:48:31 EST 2002

try looking in the classifieds for a used rack system--then just go buy the
appropriate feet new.  just a thought...

'98 A4--the wrong kind of 20V
'84 urq  20V divided by 2

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> Speaking of roof racks, I have been putting off getting one for our car
> a long time now. The Avant rack posts now have wanting to go ahead and get
> one for my sedan.
> Is there anyone out there who knows how to put together a nice looking
> for the sedan on a modest budget. I would love to just tell the local bike
> shop to order me a Yak/Thule, but I just cant seem to justify the cost.
> Are ALL the components specific to each car, or can we buy the feet (?)
> specifically for our application and then get everything else generic (ie.
> readily available used)?
> Thanks,
> Steve Hauptmann
> South Carolina
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