Basic (stupid?)Electrical Question

Ti Kan ti at
Sat Nov 2 11:05:25 EST 2002

Forhan, Thomas writes:
> I'm trying to locate an electrical "leak": new battery goes dead after a
> week or so of sitting.
> With ignition off and all interior light switches in the off position, I
> disconnected the battery at the ground and found -after charging- 13 volts
> between the ground terminal of the battery and the ground strap. So I figure
> there must be a completed circuit someplace.  I then removed and replaced
> all the fuses, one by one, expecting that when I pulled the one on the
> guilty circuit, the multimeter would drop to zero. It never did -including
> the one fuse on the knee bolster aux relay board. It just continued to read
> 13 volts.
> Can anyone point me in the right direction?

You want to be measuring current, not voltage.

Assuming you have a multimeter that could measure current, be sure to set
it to a high enough range first so you don't damage the meter.  Then gradually
change range down to get a good reading.

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