CV boot replacement: stripped inner cv joint bolts

Ed Kellock ekellock at
Sat Nov 2 18:34:22 EST 2002

Spent some more time under the 200 today with the correct tool.  Amazing
how well that works ;-) especially considering that I had pretty well
buggered at least 4 of the bolts.  I did have to gently hammer the bit in
on most of the bolts, but no further drama ensued.  Unfortunately though,
I had to put it back together because the replacements bolts I bought
yesterday are the wrong size.  No matter, I'm just happy that I didn't
have to get creative on the bolts.

I was really surprised at all the response this question generated.  The
most I've ever gotten in 7 years.  This is no a back-handed complaint.
Just noting the high level of assistance I received.  It was very, very
much appreciated.  Thank you one and all!

Colorado Springs

On Sun, 27 Oct 2002 20:16:42 -0700 Ed Kellock <ekellock at> writes:
> Set out to replace the driver's side outer CV boot on my 89 200q
> today...
> Three of the six Torx head bolts that attach the inner CV joint to
> the transimission are stripped.  The Torx heads are stripped.  Seems
> the axle has been removed in the past and new bolts were not used
> and the Torx was already compromised.  Joy.
> Aside from any ugly approach like saws, drills, or vise grips, does
> anyone have any clever ideas?
> Ed
> Colorado Springs

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