Basic (stupid?)Electrical Question

Huw Powell human747 at
Sat Nov 2 18:46:52 EST 2002

> Thanks everyone - Brett summed it up and reminded me that I did take physics
> once!
> My $5 Harbor Freight multimeter is not up to the task, so its off to Radio
> Shack tomorrow.

One thing to keep in mind - not sure if they still do it but I bet they
do - RS periodically has rather good sale prices on this sort of thing -
ie, $60 meter for $40.  You might want to wait for a sale to actually
buy one.

I know that leaves you unable to test your current load, but a small
light bulb in series with the ground connection of your battery might be
enough to find the offending circuit.

Just trying to make matters more confusing...

Huw Powell

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