hybrid turbo

Brandon Rogers brogers at terrix.com
Mon Nov 4 09:38:26 EST 2002

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Greetings all-
I will soon be rebuilding a turbo and have a K24(water jacketed) as well as=
 a K26(oil cooled-no water).  I am thinking about mating the cold side of t=
he K26 to the hot side of the K24.  I know this has been done by many--but =
am looking for some current feedback on results--top end power, spool up...=
all the usuals.  It may start it's life on a 10V WX urq, then get transferr=
ed onto a 3B.  Any input welcome...

As an aside--I had Majestic Turbo rebuild my current K24 and it pooped out =
on me after less than 5000 miles--any other results like this from these gu=
ys out there?



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