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Mon Nov 4 12:34:51 EST 2002

At 12:51 PM -0800 11/2/02, jim catterson wrote:
>--- Phil Rose <pjrose at> wrote:
>> I need to replace the rubber oem brake hoses (especially up
>> this car has had the G60 brake conversion. What is the proper
>> specification (p/n?) for the _front_ brake hose (would it be same
>> part as used by '92 S4?)
>> I suppose all that all I need to do is measure the hose length and
>> make sure about the gender of the fittings on each end.  Any
>> hints?
>phil,  i just replaced all four hoses on my 200 w/ the g60 brakes.  got
>them from  as i recall,  i used the '92 s4 hoses
>for the front and the regular '91 200 20v hoses for the rear.  they had
>them in stock.  free shipping too... just make sure that 1) you blow
>the sand away from everything w/ an air blower before you start; 2) you
>are using a brake wrench so as not to strip the bleeder screw; and 3)
>overfill the reservoir before you start.  the hoses came off pretty
>easily w/ no rounding of the fittings.  took me about an hour and a
>half being very neat and careful...

Thanks for reply, Jim. The hoses are on their way from thepartsbin
(not available locally, of course).

Before unscrewing the couplings, is it necessary to release those
curved metal spring-like gizmos that are at each end?  Peter Schulz
has posted that they should be bent (and released) in order to get a
good grip on the hose end-fitting.  I assume those "springs" can be
reused (?) as I do not find them listed with a  p/n.


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