Hydraulic Fluid Resivoir Wanted!!

Joshua C smuckycat at hotmail.com
Mon Nov 4 13:28:23 EST 2002

this weekend I replaced most of the hydraulic hoses and when I was doing the
disassembly the resivoir got cracked, I managed to fix it up with some epoxy
and it seems to be holding up very well but I would like to replace it soon.
  Does anyone have a used one to sell me? I don't need the cap assembly but
will take it either way.

Also when I did the 2 rack hoses I used Martin's washer+string trick, what a
time saver!  That part of the job was almost fun...the rest is not at all!
I used marine diesel hoses to replace the LP hoses and so far no
leaking/sweating etc..  On the Rack bolts I used S shaped 17-19 mm wrenches
and an offest wrench, then a stubby wrench once I got the bolts broken free.

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