FM Modulated Changer Install??

Charles Baer charlie at
Mon Nov 4 12:12:24 EST 2002

I ran the changer main power to unswitched battery V+, and the
control to the trigger on the back of the Blose head.  When my
radio gets turned off with the changer powered on, the changer
shuts off with the radio and will restart at the same track/time
when the radio is turned on.

You should verify that it doesn't draw significant current when
off if you wire it this way, I imagine that most add-on RF setups
are designed to work this way.


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> I am curious as to how others have installed thier FM
> modulated changers
> through the Bose factory deck.  Seeing how Audi wired the
> radio to work
> without any ignition switch, have others merely spliced the
> ignition/power
> wires of the changer together to get it to power up without
> an ignition power
> source?  Should it be wired into an ignition switched power
> line?  The changer
> has its own POWER button, so it appears to be possible to be
> able to have it
> powered all the time, as is the radio, without draining the battery.
> Any input would be appreciated.

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