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Mon Nov 4 16:51:39 EST 2002

 From what I've heard others report, the most common cause of an
unintended WOT "event" involves the cruise-control linkage, which
jams when the  grommet guiding the c-c linkage rod breaks (an easy
fix). You seem to imply it's not that.

Could it be that the throttle's heavy return spring has broken (or
come loose)? Also, is the nut at the end of the near end of the
throttle shaft tight?

Actually the more common breakage in the throttle linkage (has
happened to me and recently to my instructor's S4 at the Glen) seems
to be the small nub of plastic (at the bottom of the actuating
lever), which grips the end of the throttle cable. But as you've
mentioned, this event normally will leave the throttle closed by the
action of the return spring. It's possible that you've broken that
plastic nub and somehow have lost (or restricted) the spring action.
If the cable's plastic anchor piece is broken--the cable-end can be
re-attached to the lever using zip ties and/or baling wire.  AFAIK,
parts for the throttle assembly are not available from AoA except to
replace the entire throttle body ($600).

At 3:31 PM -0500 11/4/02, Zoot531 at aol.com wrote:
>    I need your help.  This last thursday, me and a few of my PiKA bretheren
>were starting off on a trip to another college (Davis) to visit some fellow
>brothers.  Just before the freeway, turning around a corner, my car just
>picks up and goes full out in first gear.  Usually cool, excecpt this time,
>the foot wasn't on the gas and i was in suburban Stockton.  So i shift up and
>keep trying to modulate the gas pedal to no avail, completely limp.  I take
>out the clutch and it simply winds all the way up and bouces off the rev
>limiter incessantly.  My only option is to turn the car off in the middle of
>the street and coast to the side of the road.
>     Upon close inspection, the throttle linkage has snapped at what I'm
>guessing is the throttle body actuator. (I don't know my intake parts).  Only
>thing is...when this happens shouldn't it be closed by default?   I'm very
>confused and rather afraid to even drive it to the mechanic, I got it back to
>school by idling at 5-10 mph the whole way.  So i guess I'm suggesting you
>all take a good look at your throttle linkages, just to be sure, because
>that's easily the most scared I've been in my car to date.  Also, any
>thoughts on where i can get a replacement "throttle body lever thingy"?
>Shaken in CA and thankful my car isn't chipped yet,
>Adam Chinchiolo
>'91 200q20v
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