Zooom! Yikes!!!

Ingo D. Rautenberg ingo at waratap.com
Mon Nov 4 16:57:35 EST 2002

Sorry, Adam

I reread your report and understand now.  I had the same problem but with
different symptoms a couple of years back.  I was demonstrating the prowess
of the beast and became thoroughly embarrassed instead as I coasted to the
side of the road.  Note to self (make sure there is just a bit of slack when
the throttle is mashed, otherwise -- SNAP!)  The black plastic broke on mine
as well and I had two (actually three) choices:

1.  Get replacement from Audi -- nope.  Only available as full throttle body
for mucho $$$$

2.  Get replacement from another 200q20v (best bet, but couldn't find one).

3.  Rework with creative use of dremel 5k throttle body linkage to fit (what
I did).

Good luck.


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> Ingo,
> Though this sounds similar to my problem, when I open the hood, i can see
where the cable is detached from the throttle body, looks like the attaching
tab has broken.  So the throttle position is now completely independant of
the gas pedal.  I could try to send you a pic if you think that would help,
my descriptive skills are not the best.
> Adam Chinchiolo

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