FM Modulated Changer Install??

Charles Baer charlie at
Mon Nov 4 17:22:00 EST 2002

> What is the "trigger" on the back of the Bose head
> unit?  I was under the impression that there was no
> switched power source going to the head unit and that
> it was merely a constant hot accessory.  Do you remember
> the color of the wire that I should tap into for the
> trigger?

I was hoping to sneak my rotten memory under the radar!

I think you just misunderstood my posting ( Did I use
really bad wording ); the changer is controlled by the radio
power switch, I didn't come up with a US-style ignition
accessory position.  As before, the radio has a direct wire
to constant power and the CDs can be played without the key
in the ignition.

What else I do (maybe) remember is this:
- the center connector on my Gamma was empty
- there is a battery power feed there, B+ ??
- a +12 switched by the radio is there

I figgered some out by guessing at the meaning of the pinout
label stuck to the radio chassis, then confirmed what I could
by bench-testing.  I carry a pair of the U-shaped removal toys
in my glove box and pull the thing to check but I drove the
avant today.

I still want to figure out how to enable the preamp-level inputs
that appear to be on that center plug.  I think it just requires
the correct data stream on the serial data pins and can't find
a spec for the protocol.  Can anybody with a factory changer that
is run by the Gamma head confirm how that system works ?


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