Rear speaker amplifier fire risk...

Steven Sprague ssprague at
Mon Nov 4 19:45:07 EST 2002

Hey All,

    Just an update to an email from Chris Miller, thanks for the suggestion to
call the dealer on the LM recall for the Bose speakers.  I called the dealer
tonight (@ 4:45pm) to see if my newly aquired 200q20v was elegible for the
recall.  I talked with parts after the service guy said it was cleared to
receive the update.  Parts guy looked them up and put an order in for a set of
replacement speakers.  Side note: My friend is the parts manager, so luckily I
get a price break.  Not fifteen minutes later, another service guy from the
dealership calls back and says the speakers are in and wants to schedule an
appointment.  Don't know if he was pulling my leg or if they know that the
parts will be in stock in 2 to 3 days (parts guys tells me) and that service
appts are 8 days out.  So, I figure they are safe to know that parts will be at
the dealership by my appointment.
    So anyway, hopefully, this sedan will be saved from any speaker fire in the
future with this change out.
Chris, great website.

Newbie owner of a nice (IMO) 200q20v (135k miles, Pearl paint and Audi phone)
Formerly 84 4kq (now happily racing RallyCross in the SF region SCCA)

Kevin Maloney wrote:

> Does anyone know if the fire risk problem with rear amplified speakers also
> applies to speakers in the rear doors of the 91 200 Avant?  I know these
> speakers are amplified, and are getting noisy on my car ... just don't know
> if the are of the Bose variety which have been the cause of fires
> Thanks,
> Kevin Maloney
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