New England/NY Dyno-saurus SAT Nov 16 1PM

SuffolkD at SuffolkD at
Mon Nov 4 22:56:04 EST 2002

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New England/NY Dyno-saurus SAT Nov 16 1PM

I called and spoke to "Ami"
Adrenalin Motorsports
Worcester/Auburn MAss (I-395/I-290 & I-90 Mass Pike)
2-3 Hours of Dyno reserved  1:PM till?
Dyno - Hourly rate is $200 so actual price will be:
 (divided by) how ever many we run by how long we take..............

I need to call by THIS Friday to reconfirm.
All in favor and plan to attend "say I"
-Scott in BOSTON cell 508 783 6551 actual 20V owner.

Somewhat related: for those not chipped (like me)  I have not heard back from
IA about a chip GP>

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