245/50/15 Dunlop SP 8000

Phil Rose pjrose at frontiernet.net
Tue Nov 5 09:16:16 EST 2002

At 4:14 AM -0800 11/5/02, DANIEL FORBING wrote:
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>Has anyone tried this flavor and size tire on your '91 200TQ20V
>standard BBS 15 X 7.5 wheels? Tire Rack says it doesn't know, but
>did get the stock size correct. There seems to be plenty of room
>around the present 225/60/15s except possibly in front.

I question the conclusion about "plenty of room". The 225/60 size (on
my and many '91 200 cars) comes extremely close to rubbing (or do
rub) on the rear fender liner. Cars running 225/60-15 tires encounter
this problem (on bumps) if the plastic fender liner is slightly
buckled/"wrinkled" at it's lower edge--which is a common situation.
Heating and straightening this section of the liner eliminates the
interference (but barely). Cutting away the liner would create a bit
more clearance. So...if 245/50 dimensions are larger than 225/60, I'd
be concerned about clearance issues in the rear. Of course suspension
mods need to be considered, too.


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