Fuel Gage Problem

Mike Sylvester mike.sylvester at att.net
Tue Nov 5 09:35:22 EST 2002

If the fuel pump has ever been changed, it is very possible that when
re-installed, the hose and wires are interfering with the float travel.
When the fuel level gets low and the float reaches the bottom of the tank it
hits the hose and stops.

If this is your problem, you will need to enter the fuel tank from the
access port in the trunk and properly route the hose and wires.

Mike Sylvester

'91 200q20vt a
'83 UrQ
'01 A6 2.7t

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> Hello All
> I have major issue. My fuel gage seems to work fine, but stops being
> accurate around 1/2 to 1/4 of a tank left. Where is the sender? and How do
> track down the cause of this? Could there be a short somehere? I ran out
> gas on the highway and don't want to repeat it anytime soon.
> Thanks

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