Need a strutbrace for '86 5KCSTQ

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Tue Nov 5 08:33:09 EST 2002 Check this out, Bernie
Benz's Strut Tower Brace for the Type 44 Audi.

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> I also have a few cars with this problem,  where is the write of by Chris
> Miler you mentioned?
> I intend to make a strut brace of some kind also.  TIA
> Nick
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> I got new tires (Dayton H rated) yesterday and had the car realigned. The
> problem I have is that I am having more neg. camber than I like, and the
> strut mounts are more than maxed out, apparently not too uncommon for the
> type 44. I have actually ground the slotted holes to allow for just a tad
> more adjustment. I have noticed over the years that it is slowly getting
> worse but  I don't have any cracks in the webbing, like some have
> I think it is time for this brace now and wondered if someone has one for
> sale, or knows where to get one. I did check Chris Millers nice write up,
> but I am trying to make it easy on myself and want to get a ready made
> brace, to save me some time.
> Thanks, Martin
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