245/50/15 Dunlop SP 8000

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At 9:44 AM -0500 11/5/02, Mike Sylvester wrote:
>My 20v avant has 235/45/17 on ET45 wheels and has plenty of room in the
>I've also tried my wheels on Keith Bedard's 20v sedan and it also clears.
>This makes me wonder how someone with 225s on ET35 wheels could have a
>How big is this wrinkle?
>I should note for reference purposes that I need an 8mm spacer in the front
>to clear the UFOs.

This issue--with 225/60-15 tires mounted in the rear--has been
discussed on the list extensively. You cannot necessarily extrapolate
clearance using results from another wheel size, since the details of
a tire's sidewall contour will tend to differ from one size (and
brand) to another. In the case of the rubbing from 225/60-15 tires,
it happens at the sidewall during compression of the rear
suspension--such as if the rear is heavily loaded or when merely
driving on rough roads (bumps. etc). So this rubbing cannot be
predicted by just looking at the unloaded clearance (which is
possibly what people have do when they state a tire "has plenty of
clearance".) The liner wrinkle, when it exists, seems to reduce
clearance by about 1/8 to 3/16". So without any wrinkle to deal with,
the clearance sure isn't in the category of "plenty", IMHO.

As always, YMMV.


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>>  I question the conclusion about "plenty of room". The 225/60 size (on
>>  my and many '91 200 cars) comes extremely close to rubbing (or do
>>  rub) on the rear fender liner. Cars running 225/60-15 tires encounter
>>  this problem (on bumps) if the plastic fender liner is slightly
>>  buckled/"wrinkled" at it's lower edge--which is a common situation.
>>  Heating and straightening this section of the liner eliminates the
>>  interference (but barely). Cutting away the liner would create a bit
>>  more clearance. So...if 245/50 dimensions are larger than 225/60, I'd
>>  be concerned about clearance issues in the rear. Of course suspension
>>  mods need to be considered, too.
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