Need a strutbrace for '86 5KCSTQ

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Tue Nov 5 10:11:39 EST 2002

In 1999, I couldn't find a ready-made brace to fit. The only ones I could
find _listed_ for the '91 200q's were from 2B and TAP - had to send 'em both
back.  I now have the "Benz-brace" installed, and I like it because it
mounts directly onto the strut tops, as opposed to just the surrounding
'body tower'; it's also adjustable.  IMO, it has increased initial turn in
response, and reduces the amount of strut movement, esp. in turns, but as I
understand it, is _not_ intended to provide more positive camber than you
already have.  Maybe Hoppen, Revsport, Matrix Engineering, APR, or some of
the newer tuners that still will deal in historic Audis?  Maybe there's
enough list interest for a second "Benz-brace" GP?

David Brill
Hillsboro, OR
'91 200q20v Lago Avant, 140k

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I got new tires (Dayton H rated) yesterday and had the car realigned. The
problem I have is that I am having more neg. camber than I like, and the
strut mounts are more than maxed out, apparently not too uncommon for the
type 44. I have actually ground the slotted holes to allow for just a tad
more adjustment. I have noticed over the years that it is slowly getting
worse but  I don't have any cracks in the webbing, like some have reported.
I think it is time for this brace now and wondered if someone has one for
sale, or knows where to get one. I did check Chris Millers nice write up,
but I am trying to make it easy on myself and want to get a ready made
brace, to save me some time.
Thanks, Martin

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