Need a strutbrace for '86 5KCSTQ

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Tue Nov 5 11:40:24 EST 2002

I sit corrected.  As stated, it was only my _understanding_, i.e. not a hard

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Wrong, David.  A/my strut brace, as opposed to a tower abrace, does provide
additional positive camber because it preloads the rubber top strut mount
bushings in that direction and deflects the rubber into a stiffer operating
point.  Further, it divides the latteral cornering forces equally between
the two towers, the best possible condition.  None of which a tower brace
can accomplish.  But tower braces look pretty if painted Fram orange!


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> Martin,
> In 1999, I couldn't find a ready-made brace to fit. The only ones I could
> find _listed_ for the '91 200q's were from 2B and TAP - had to send 'em
> back.  I now have the "Benz-brace" installed, and I like it because it
> mounts directly onto the strut tops, as opposed to just the surrounding
> 'body tower'; it's also adjustable.  IMO, it has increased initial turn in
> response, and reduces the amount of strut movement, esp. in turns, but as
> understand it, is _not_ intended to provide more positive camber than you
> already have.  Maybe Hoppen, Revsport, Matrix Engineering, APR, or some of
> the newer tuners that still will deal in historic Audis?  Maybe there's
> enough list interest for a second "Benz-brace" GP?
> David Brill
> Hillsboro, OR
> '91 200q20v Lago Avant, 140k

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