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Tue Nov 5 14:52:26 EST 2002

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It could also be the fuse under the hood (as it was on my car). I don't
remember what number that fuse is but I think it should say that it's for ABS
and some other things on the fuse box cover. Mine wasn't making good contact
between the terminals. I bent the terminals a bit an now it's all snug and
works fine. There is also another fuse under the driver's side knee bolster
that's on the ABS relay that you might also want to check.

As far as the speakers in the front doors, they should be 4 inchers but have a
triangular shape which makes them somewhat difficult to change with after
market ones.

Your antilock off light would be on continuously because your antilock
system is not ready to function. That could occur because one of the wheel
sensor interfaces is too corroded to provide an adequate signal, because
the wiring between one of the sensors and the "brain" is compromised,
because there is insufficient pressure in the power braking system or
because the "brain" itself is impaired. There may be other reasons.
At 10:04 AM 11/05/2002 -0800, Dave wrote:
>well finally tracked my "bucking" problem to my MAF..
>replaced that.. she seems to be running strong now..
>but I have a few random questions if anyone knows the
>- is there another reason the antilock brake light be
>on constantly besides the obvious short?
>- what size are the front door speakers?
>- and finally.. why does my '91 drive better than the
>new a4's 2.8's? :)

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