17" winter wheels/tires to fit UFO now, brake upgrade later...

Dean Bredenbeck djb at multiverse.com
Tue Nov 5 16:43:41 EST 2002

Sorry to bring up more wheel/tire fitment issues but don't remember
seeing this issue covered before...

Looking for inexpensive 17" wheels (steel would be fine) to mount new,
yet to be purchased snows that will fit my UFO's now but will also work
in the future when I do a brake upgrade. Do I need to make a specific
brake upgrade choice beforehand (to determine proper offset perhaps) or
is there an inexpensive 17"wheel solution that will handle the most
popular/likely UFO upgrades? Or, is the issue incompatible wheel bolt
patterns between UFO's and any potential upgrade which makes it
impossible to have a wheel fit both? Thanks.....Dean

Dean Bredenbeck
'91 200-20V Tornado Red
Cleveland, Ohio

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