I did the "bomb" test.....now what????

Mike Miller mikemilr at blackfoot.net
Tue Nov 5 14:20:35 EST 2002

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> I posted earlier about my little red brake light that keeps flickering all
> time and some of you have said that it might be the bomb and to check it.
> Well, after I drove the car I shut it off and pressed on the brake and
> about 20 or 25 pushes it started getting hard so I really doubt that there
> anything wrong with the bomb. All idtdoes is flickers almost always. When
> relese the emergency brake the light goes off but after I start driving it
> starts flickering so I don't think it's the emergency brake sensor. Any
> ideas?

Open the hydraulic fluid reservoir and make sure that the rod that is
inserted into the cap is in place. If it falls down inside the reservoir it
can give false indications of low fluid.

mike miller
helmville mt
in seattle for a couple months

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