Help, Bucking!

PeterBergin at PeterBergin at
Tue Nov 5 17:35:35 EST 2002

Last week I changed oil and cleaned and oiled my K&N.  Upon starting the car,
it ran rough and the check engine like came on.  Car bucks when accelerating.

I came up with the following codes (had not cleared codes for over a year).
       2324 Air Mass Sensor
       2121 Idle Switch
       1111 ICU

I cleaned the Air Mass Sensor with carb cleaner and starting fluid (thinking
that it may have been contaminated with K&N oil).  Replace fuel filter and
waste gate frequency valve.  Checked vacuum and turbo hoses.  I cleared the
codes and drove for an hour.  The car was somewhat smoother, but still bucks
under acceleration (more so at lower Rpm's).  No new codes at first.  I
worked on the car today and pulled two codes.
       1111 ICU (My ICU is chipped, and I am told to expect this one).
       2111 RPM sensor.

I was going to replace my cap and rotor, but got frustrated when I broke the
top nipple off the PS reservoir top and decided to call it a day.

I am somewhat hesitant to order a RPM sensor, when my gut still suspects the
Air Mass Sensor.

Any thoughts??

91 Avant.

PS Turbo still boost to 1.6 on the dash comp. (chipped)

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