rear rotor suggestions

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Tue Nov 5 17:17:21 EST 2002


I have an almost new, measuring the full 20mm thickness, pair of rear rotors
with drilled or cast holes, can't tell which.  They have 10 rows of four
spiral path holes each, following the same cooling passages.  The 6mm dia
thru holes are heavily countersunk on the wear surfaces, to about 9mm dia.
I would think that this design would be much less suseptable to warping and
stress cracking than any slotted rotor.

I bought a complete rear brake package from an Arizona totaled 200-20V (the
owner had just finished a full brake upgrade before the total), to get the
rear calipers for use on my 90Q-20V and do not need the rotors for my
200-20V, so would like to sell them.  Any interest, anyone?



> From: "Patrick Anderson" <ptanders at>
> Date: Tue, 5 Nov 2002 15:51:09 -0800
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> Subject: rear rotor suggestions
> My rear rotors are shot so I am gonna replace them as opposed to having them
> turned. I have Porsche 996/Boxster S calipers with A8 rotors on the front. So
> I was thinking about getting slotted rotors for the rear but am having trouble
> finding them for our car. Has anyone gone with a slotted setup. What brand?
> Where can I find them?
> Also, I am gonna put on stainless lines (fronts are already stainless) and
> Pagid or Porterfield hi-performance street compound. Where have you all found
> these for our car. I have checked the usual suspects...2Bennett and Blau.
> Thanks guys
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