rear rotor suggestions

Joshua C smuckycat at
Wed Nov 6 10:03:10 EST 2002

I got my rear rotors from ECS, they are slotted brembo rotors I belive, I
have about 10k mi on them and no problems
I wanted the cross drilled rotors but I have read varying accounts of
cracking susceptibility based on if the holes are drilled or cast, and I
didn't find any rotors with the holes cast in them (that is not to say they
aren't out there)
I got a set of SS braided lines from 2B, do they not carry them any more?
Also when you repalce the lines get a good flare nut wrench, don't screw
around with other wrenches or cheap ones.  We had problems with flexing in
the wrench head (is it called the box?  I don't know wrench anatomy) until
we borrowed a nice heavy one.  The lines were real frozen and if you bugger
the connections it will make the job suck.

>Sent:	Tuesday, November 05, 2002 3:51 PM
>To:	200q20v list
>Subject:	rear rotor suggestions
><snip> Also, I am gonna put on stainless lines (fronts are already
>stainless) and Pagid or Porterfield hi-performance street compound. Where
>have you all found these for our car. I have checked the usual
>suspects...2Bennett and Blau.

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