rear rotor suggestions/flarenut wrenches

Phil Rose pjrose at
Wed Nov 6 15:28:07 EST 2002

>Also when you repalce the lines get a good flare nut wrench, don't screw
>around with other wrenches or cheap ones.  We had problems with flexing in
>the wrench head (is it called the box?  I don't know wrench anatomy) until
>we borrowed a nice heavy one.  The lines were real frozen and if you bugger
>the connections it will make the job suck.

The main criticism I have of my own (cheap?) flarenut wrenches is
that the hex (flats) is significantly recessed (i.e., countersunk)
with respect to the sides of the wrench. Since a flare nut itself can
be somewhat thin (and only accessible from one side), these wrenches
tend to contact only a fraction of the already meager nut thickness.
I think this can contribute to rounding off the nut.  I wonder if the
"good" flarenut wrenches eliminate that recessing?


Phil Rose
Rochester, NY
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