Clean the MAss Air flow Wire K & N Filter oil

Brett Dikeman brett at
Thu Nov 7 02:12:54 EST 2002

At 11:47 PM -0500 11/6/02, SuffolkD at wrote:
>Can you clean the wire?

Yes and no.  Some comes off, but since the wire is cleaned(courtesy
being heated to white-hot) every time the engine is shut off, pretty
much anything that isn't vaporized gets nicely bonded to the wire,
which I think is glass-coated platinum or bare platinum.  The wire is
very thin and you don't want to go frobbing it.

I have a dead MAF sitting around somewhere from a lister who sent it
my way, in hopes of maybe being able to clean it.  Didn't work.  I
got a little residue off the wire, but not nearly all of it.

All the contamination was from the -engine- side, if I remember
correctly.  We never figured it out.  There was a ton of oil built up
on the screen...again, engine side and only the side facing the turbo.

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