brake hose (update)

Phil Rose pjrose at
Thu Nov 7 18:08:06 EST 2002

I guess this sucker is "broke" enough to warrant fixing?

All the hoses were checked in July before a WG track event and seemed
to be OK. However, when I began to mount snow tires last week, I
discovered a deep crack in a front brakehose (along with evidence of
seeping fluid). The other front hose was also found to be deeply
cracked. Then yesterday in the course of replacing all 4 hoses...I
found the shocker (see photo) in the left-rear. The right-rear hose
showed no external evidence of problems, but of course it was
replaced too.

Needless to say, I advise paying close attention to your brake hoses,
and please do plan to replace any 11 yr-old hoses (now!)--no matter
how good they may "seem" to be.


Phil Rose
Rochester, NY
mailto:pjrose at

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