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I really don't see a lip on there but I know what you mean about the 200's
versus the V8's. The bumpers on the 200's are long and narrow. They're
hideous. If there is one thing I hate about these cars is the bumpers. I'm not
fond of the whole front of the car actually to be honest. I think the V8's
look great all around, nice low bumpers, hood with incorporated grille, nicely
shaped headlights and I love the fender flares front and back. I wish they
would have made the V8 body with the 3B engine.

> Where do you guys see a lip ?
Along the bottom of the front pan, looks like it might have come
off of a V8. My 200s don't have it there or under the rear like
my V8 did, I keep pondering fitting one 'cuz it gets rid of that
4x4-look ground clearance around the spare tire basin. When I see
a 200 parked next to a V8, the 200 looks like a 2x4 sticking out
into the air.
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