grill spoiler link redux

Charles Baer charlie at
Fri Nov 8 13:45:50 EST 2002

> I really don't see a lip on there but I know what you mean
> about the 200's
> versus the V8's. The bumpers on the 200's are long and narrow. They're
> hideous. If there is one thing I hate about these cars is the
> bumpers. I'm not
> fond of the whole front of the car actually to be honest. I
> think the V8's
> look great all around, nice low bumpers, hood with
> incorporated grille, nicely
> shaped headlights and I love the fender flares front and
> back. I wish they
> would have made the V8 body with the 3B engine.

AND brought the US more than 150 sticks in only one year!  I would
have kept mine if it weren't for the auto (nice as autos go...).

Either the pan under the front bumper is two-tone or it has a black
spoiler attached to it, seems to big to be the 200 part.  I keep
thinking about mounting some kind of spoiler/splitter or going for
a different front-end treatment to reduce underbody pressure.
- Not that it would matter, I just NEVER ;-> take it up to 150 when
I'm on a long straight with great visibility...


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