Bucking (update)

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What you are looking for is more play in one tooth than the others. The only
way I know of to check this is to take the distributor out and visually
check the plastic gear for cracks and/or missing teeth. However, I can't
imagine that this problem would crop up exactly when you oiled the filter.
Might be worth pulling the dist if you can get one of the famous metal gears
to put on there while it's out. I also have my suspicions that changing the
rotor in situ could damage the plastic gear since it takes substantial force
to break off the original rotor.
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> Good question?  I have 143k miles and the car ran great until I cleaned
the K&
> N.  When I replaced the cap and rotor after the problem arose, I did
> some movement in the rotor when turning it back and forth.  But I remember
> that as normal from other Audi's I have owned.
> How would I test for play in the gear?
> Pete
> 91 Avant

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