Need a strutbrace for '86 5KCSTQ

Bernie Benz b.m.benz at
Sun Nov 10 21:58:58 EST 2002

Tom Chud,

Your unsubstantuated critical analaysis coming from an unaccredited
expertise is duely noted, and your request for consulting fees is summerily



> From: "EPIFORM" <EPIFORM at>
> Date: Thu, 7 Nov 2002 14:50:56 -0800
> To: <b.m.benz at>
> Subject: Need a strutbrace for '86 5KCSTQ
> Bernie:
> I just looked at your strut brace details at Chris Millers website.
> I'm very concerned.
> See my comments there.  Your design is VERY DANGEROUS and
> you should remove it from your car and anyone else's car where it is
> installed IMMEDIATELY.  Should you hit a major road depression,
> (provided the EMT could generate sufficient compression loads without
> buckling, which it probably can't, making it useless for the intended
> design anyway) the resultant forces could break off the treaded anchor
> portion of one of the strut pistons.  The ensuing coil spring assisted
> suspension rebound could then pull the strut piston out of the strut
> mount bushing in the strut tower causing the strut assembly to rotate
> freely about the sway bar or control arm mounting points.  That would
> cause immediate loss of directional control without any prior warning.
> Without at least some cursory metallurgy and structural analysis skills,
> you really should  keep your hands off critical suspension components
> from a design and modification standpoint.  If you choose to injure or
> kill yourself as a result  of your own ignorance, so be it, but please
> don't take other innocent people with you.
> Like with airplanes and student drivers, your local DMV should require
> that you spray paint the words "EXPERIMENTAL" and "STUDENT" on
> both sides of your cars and install lighted signs on the roof so people
> see you coming and can act appropriately.  You are one dangerous
> guy!  What's even more scary is that a lot of Audifan kids think you
> know what you're doing!  NOT!
> I'd be happy to explain the structural mechanics of why your idea
> is flawed, however I do charge consulting fees for that.  Suffice to say
> that when you see suspension components rubber mounted and
> shock isolated LEAVE THEM THAT WAY.  The engineers have
> many reasons for doing that and until you clearly understand what
> they are,  you are playing way out of your league.
> Sorry for the harsh tone but I do take car safety (or lack of it) very
> seriously since I've been personally affected by it.
> Tom  Chudzinski

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