Fuel pump going bad?

Scalmanini Steve sscalmanini at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 10 23:59:47 EST 2002

Do you get the as soon as you start the engine,
and shile idling and not moving?  Don't assume
it's the fuel pump unless you do.  Does the noise
stop while coasting and you out the clutch and
off the ignition.  (And don't restart using the
clutch; that's a no-no with a Quattro; use the

If the noise continues with the ignition off,
it's prob the left-rear wheel bearing.  I've
had both go out and it was easy to discern
between them.  The bad bearing sounded like
a squadron of zeros about to attack from the
5 o'clock position.  The pump sounds (still)
like a low grumbling from the rear seat area
(when you're in the driver's seat).

If it's the pump, you can't fix it yourself.
There's a web page with info on how to replace
it.  The dealer replacement pump is a different
diameter from the original one so you need more
than just the pump.  The original size pump is,
I think, available from some aftermarket suppliers,
but costs more, as I recall.  If you need the
URL or a parts list let me know.  I have all the
parts (from a dealer) to replace mine but don't
plan to do it for a few more weeks.

Oh, and one special tool is a must have; another
is optional and can be worked around.  I have
the former if you want it when I'm done.  Contact
me offline.

Ukiah, CA


Hi List,

It sounds like I have a thousand wild killer
bees by my rear passenger side wheel. I assume
that it is the fuel pump which is going bad.
Is there anything I can do to fix it myself
or do I just order one and install it when
it arrives?

Best regards,

Shawn Olsen

91 200q20v Avant
95 S6
96 A4 2.8q


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