brake hose (update)

jim catterson termite at
Mon Nov 11 06:10:44 EST 2002

  But your extrapolation of similar problems
> resulting
> from external, enviromentally induced cracking of the  abrasion
> resistant
> protective jacketing over the structurial cord which provides the
> pressure
> capabilities to the internal fluid conductor, IMO is unwarrented,
> i.e.
> without technical justification.

bernie,  while all of us who generally lurk on the list know of your
parsimonious proclivities,  cracking of the external rubber jacket on
the brake lines is a safety inspection failure in almost any state in
the union...although given the number of rusty old hulks that i have
seen driving around in vermont, there may be some exceptions to that
rule...  ;-)

jim catterson

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