200 20v parting

CPostupak at aol.com CPostupak at aol.com
Mon Nov 11 14:25:22 EST 2002

Because of the volume of emails. I thought I'd post some info on my car I'm
parting out. I,m located in Pennsylvania. It is a Black on gray seden .It was
hit left front I have had the front frame repaired. But after adding up the
MIS. items and time I felt it better to part out.O.K now for the info.The
engine has gotten, timing belt, water pump, s6 head gasket, 3 angle valve
job, port matched head,plugs,turbo gaskets.etc.The ECU was upgraded with IA
stage3 chip, has 107,000 miles and 0 miles since work was performed several
weeks ago. looking for $4000, trans$575.have all body parts. please note the
left front fender will need some repair. But is still fixable (still cheaper
than new from audi).Some other things. radio, CD changer, brakes (UFOs) ,
lower rad, upper rad, all trim, etc.etc.I will help to arrange shipping for
those who may need it.Contact me at cPostupak at AOL.com

P.S . This car or parts will NOT be placed on ebay.

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