[s-cars] let's say you had cranked down the wategate

Cody Payne Cody.Payne at bconnected.com
Mon Nov 11 09:01:03 EST 2002

Basically until the Hex Screw is flush with the top of the wastegate where you removed the little metal disk.  You will feel it come to a stop from my experiences.


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But you can't recall how many turns you did.
Is there a way to get back to the stock/starting position without
removing the wastegate?

I'm seeing odd boost patterns in my 200 (3b motor).
There are two distinct peaks, which I guess is characteristic of the
Lehmann chip I'm running.  But sometimes if I floor it in 5th, it will
boost up to about 15 psi, drastically cut back to nothing, then increase
again.  If I keep my foot down past that point, boost slowly creeps
toward 18-19psi and I saw 20psi the other day for a moment.

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