2.5 Bar Transducer with Stock Software

Jobe Tichy bimmer_dude at hotmail.com
Wed Nov 13 06:26:57 EST 2002

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Hello Listers:

I was given a 2.5 bar transducer from a friend with a urS4.  My hopes are to
integrate this transducer with a future ECU upgrade.  My question is whether
there is any harm with plugging this transducer in with the stock software for
a current application.  I have read writeups on the 3.0 bar upgrade done to
ECU mods, and that the bigger transducer alone will show improvements within
the power band.  So, will this also hold true with stock software.  I have a
mechanical boost gauge, so I would be able to plug it in and see if any
differences would occur.  I am just trying to sort out if there would be any
rejection from the car with only this upgrade....or if any benefit at all
would be seen.  Thanks


'91 200tq 20v

'84 BMW 318i (modified)

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