Quattrofest at PIR

Kneale Brownson knotnook at traverse.com
Wed Nov 13 09:24:21 EST 2002

At 10:49 PM 11/12/2002 -0800, dkpriebe wrote:
>  when I was driving counter clockwise on the
>skid pad. Gas started pouring out of my fuel tank at the fuel filler. Of
>course I had a full tank, having only driven about 10 miles since filling
>up. The gas was coming right out where my gas cap is. The gas cap was on
>securely, and the stranger part of it is that later in the day, when I had
>driven some more miles, I popped off the cap just to see if there was a
>pressure difference. I could definitely hear the air rushing in. And that's
>always been the case in the past. This pressure leads me to believe that I
>have a sealing gas cap, which doesn't explain how gas could be pouring out.
>I'm sitting hear looking at the Bentley (page 20.16), and the only way for
>the gas to come out this way would be for the gas cap to not be sealing
>properly. Anyone have any thoughts, or should I just go out and buy a new
>gas cap?

Isn't there a drain for the filler cavity to prevent spills to the ground
if you overfill the tank and to catch drips from the nozzle?  It's a small
opening below the filler opening.

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