Changing Shocks - Level of Difficulty/Special Tools

Djdawson2 at Djdawson2 at
Wed Nov 13 18:38:50 EST 2002

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Changing front struts and rear shocks on the 200 is about as easy as any car
I've worked on.  The front can be done in less than a half hour, and the only
"special tool" really required is a large set of channel locks to loosen the
strut retaining cap.  The rear is a 4 bolt removal process... 3 on top, one
larger bottom mounting bolt.

The only words of wisdom I'd offer...  jack the car up so you can get your
channel locks on the strut cap (between the spring coils).  Don't take the
cap all the way off yet.  Let the car down so the front wheels are on the
ground, then remove the cap by hand.  Then undo the upper mount plate, and
lift out the strut.  It is really very easy.  The rear is self explanatory,
once removed.


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