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So let me bounce this idea as to why gas pouring out of my tank at the gas
cap when driving counter clockwise on a 'skid pad'. The gas cap was on
securely. The tank was completely full, thus the pressure within the tank
was not really much less than the outside pressure. Because there was no
pressure difference, the gasket between the filler and the gas cap didn't
have a tight seal. So when the gas went up the filler tube during hard
counter clockwise driving, it was able press against this gasket and come
pouring out. Is this a reasonable explanation, considering that normally
when I refill my car I hear that whoosh of air into the tank when I remove
the gas cap? So then the next question is, if I buy a new gas cap, under the
same circumstances will gas come pouring out of my tank again?

Dave Priebe
Kenmore, WA
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> >Yes, there is an overflow hose, but it looks like it isn't connected to
> >gas tank in any away. At least that's what I can decipher from the
> Correct- it runs straight to the bottom of the passenger side of the
> rear bumper..look for a tube right there.
> One of those silly questions- what good would an overflow tube do if
> it went into the tank? :-)
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