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Other options would be to buy a set of hella 550s and hang them under the bumper - no pretty, but will help fill out the poor DOT lighting for cheap $$

One thing that you might do is stay with the stock lights and add relays and larger (smaller AWG) wire.  Even the stock DOT lighting has caused some browning on the wires at the 9004 connector on my cars - the stock wire looks like its 18 gauge...add some relays and 14 or 12 gauge wire and let the 9004 bulbs get 14v....

Have you looked at potentially buying used euros off German Ebay?  contact the sellers - often they will ship to the US - you just need to contact them early in the bidding process and offer to pay for the premium in postage


(yep, all cars have eurolights)

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>I have looked at all the diagrams and suggestions for lighting upgrades and am a little confused. Is there anyone in the Denver area that would volunteer to let me look at their wiring harness upgrade. I am looking to simply upgrade to 9007 bulbs as i can't afford the eurolights or haven't found a decent deal. Any suggestions and BTDT would be appreciated.
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