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Thu Nov 14 10:41:53 EST 2002

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> I have looked at all the diagrams and suggestions for lighting upgrades
and am a little confused. Is there anyone in the Denver area that would
volunteer to let me look at their wiring harness upgrade. I am looking to
simply upgrade to 9007 bulbs as i can't afford the eurolights or haven't
found a decent deal. Any suggestions and BTDT would be appreciated.
> andy


I did that "upgrade" about 6 yrs ago. What I did was to buy new bulb sockets
and splice them in so I have the option of running 9004 or 9007. The sockets
were about $3 ea. You have to switch two wires  - I forget which two off
hand. Look in the main list archives for a thread on 9007's from mid 1996.
You also have to take a dremel tool or other small grinding wheel and trim a
tab off ( or maybe it was make a slot) the 9007 so it will fit in the light
assembly. Whole thing might take an hour. There is some improvement over
stock, but not a great deal. Although any improvement is lilely worth it
:-). I think the total cost of the sockets and bulbs was under $20. I also
modified a spare 9007 and carry that in case one burns out  which hasn't
happened yet.

mike miller
helmville mt
playing in Seattle for a while

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