Air escaping at Boost---me too

Tom Daily TDaily at
Thu Nov 14 15:09:08 EST 2002

My '91 200TQ has 90K & IA Stage lll. It was pulling max of about 19.5 on a manual guage---ran great. My son was driving the car & it died. The composite wheel at the base of the distributor was chewed. replaced the distributor & after it only makes 10-12 Lbs & I thought I could hear an air leak. Certainly you can see the leak on the manual gauge, as soon as it starts to make pressure, the gauge drops back. I checked the hose from the intercooler to the manifold (it is a Samco silicone) & it seemed fine. There was a greasy light brown substance on the inside of the hose---what is that?

I want to look for other likely boost leak culprits---any suggestions? I was told to consider the by-pass valve & wastegate Frequency valve as likely suspects (N. Ritchie).


Tom Daily
Brookline, MA

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