Air escaping at Boost---me too

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Thu Nov 14 16:46:00 EST 2002


The greasy brown substance in the IC to intake hose is motor oil.

You should also look at the hose between the intake pipe and throttle body.
Check the tightness of the clamps and that the hose isn't cracked.  BTDT.

Mike Sylvester
Shirley, MA

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My '91 200TQ has 90K & IA Stage lll. It was pulling max of about 19.5 on a
manual guage---ran great. My son was driving the car & it died. The
composite wheel at the base of the distributor was chewed. replaced the
distributor & after it only makes 10-12 Lbs & I thought I could hear an air
leak. Certainly you can see the leak on the manual gauge, as soon as it
starts to make pressure, the gauge drops back. I checked the hose from the
intercooler to the manifold (it is a Samco silicone) & it seemed fine. There
was a greasy light brown substance on the inside of the hose---what is that?

I want to look for other likely boost leak culprits---any suggestions? I was
told to consider the by-pass valve & wastegate Frequency valve as likely
suspects (N. Ritchie).


Tom Daily
Brookline, MA

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