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I have recently installed the H&R springs and Bilstein Sports on our 200 20v
(w/std. 215/60-15 rubber) and I love it. It's the wife's daily driver and
she does not think it's harsh at all. We find it to be much more solid
feeling and nose dive is much improved, as is stability at speed. IMO the
car is much more fun to drive.

Steve Hauptmann
South Carolina

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At the risk of opening a can of worms...

I have a stock suspension in my 200 and an thinking of doing something to
eliminate some of the body roll.  I recently upgraded the stock BBS wheels
to some urS4 wheels and I enjoy the difference.  I like the stock ride, but
corners are really scary.  I would not be adverse to dropping the ride
height a little (nice look) but I am predominately interested in more stable
ride, but not too harsh on New England roads.  Asking too much?

I am sure this has been hashed and re-hashed, but after searching the
archives, it appears that many of the available options may have changed as
the cars get older.

BTW, I have not done anything to upgrade my brakes yet.  I expect to do that
after I get rid of the nose drive that the car does when I brake now.


Tom Mullane
91 200Q
99 A6Q
93 90

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