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Fri Nov 15 11:47:59 EST 2002

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 There are a few things to think about here, most of them are whopped-out
 The front sub frame. This piece is way overworked. The whole front end is
hung off this thing. The upper strut mounts and rack are the only things
bolted to the shell.
We've got four big mushy mounts holding the sub frame to the shell, not a
whole lot more to tie the strut housings together. Replace the mounts
 Look at the lower control arms, what locates them? More mush! Six more
rubber bits, change them.
 How much do you think the engine and transaxle weight? Have you ever seen
how much movement there is with worn/cooked mounts in that drivetrain? I
have, is a ton.
Think about all that mass flying up and down through the bumps. Change the
 Let's look out back. The lower control bushing are bound to be toast. The
front ones (2 per side) are over worked and short-lived, change them. The
rear inboard ones are worth doing at this time.
   Now your car is ready for shock, strut, spring, wheel/tire upgrade!
          Thanks for letting me vent!

    Bill Ferdon
    EuroTech Services LLC
    Ruff Roads, Montclair, NJ
    91 200 20V Worked Wagon

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