Suspension options

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Fri Nov 15 11:31:23 EST 2002

I've got the H+R springs with Bilstein sports. They give a really nice ride
on the street and aren't harsh at all. My dad has the Koni's which are a
little harsher. So, if you are interested in improved handling and spirited
driving but don't want the wife to complain about a harsh ride go with the
H+R Bilstein setup. If you are willing to compromise the ride a little (I
don't mind my dad's Koni's at all and wish that I had them) go with the H+R
Koni setup. The Bilstein sports are a little on the soft side for
compression damping for my tastes, and they do not rebound fast enough when
pushing the car hard. But it is all a matter of how hard you want to drive
and what kind of compromises you are willing to make.

BTW, the eibachs for our car were discontinued. So H+R is about your only
choice. Some guys have put the V8Q springs on our car. They are a bit
stiffer and help to reduce body roll even more. Haven't ridden in one though
so I can't comment on their effectiveness.
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> Tom,
> I have recently installed the H&R springs and Bilstein Sports on our 200
> (w/std. 215/60-15 rubber) and I love it. It's the wife's daily driver and
> she does not think it's harsh at all. We find it to be much more solid
> feeling and nose dive is much improved, as is stability at speed. IMO the
> car is much more fun to drive.
> Steve Hauptmann
> South Carolina
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> At the risk of opening a can of worms...
> I have a stock suspension in my 200 and an thinking of doing something to
> eliminate some of the body roll.  I recently upgraded the stock BBS wheels
> to some urS4 wheels and I enjoy the difference.  I like the stock ride,
> corners are really scary.  I would not be adverse to dropping the ride
> height a little (nice look) but I am predominately interested in more
> ride, but not too harsh on New England roads.  Asking too much?
> Suggestions?
> I am sure this has been hashed and re-hashed, but after searching the
> archives, it appears that many of the available options may have changed
> the cars get older.
> BTW, I have not done anything to upgrade my brakes yet.  I expect to do
> after I get rid of the nose drive that the car does when I brake now.
> Thanks.
> Tom Mullane
> 91 200Q
> 99 A6Q
> 93 90
> etc.
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