Samco Hoses

Joshua C smuckycat at
Fri Nov 15 17:34:34 EST 2002

Chewey that is a great price on the Samco's, I bought them on a GP for 185$
and had to wait about 5 months (they arrived the week my MM hose started
Did you have trouble fitting the MM hose?  I had to move the IC foreward to
get it on (as expected).  Bretts instructions are much more straightforeward
than the Bently. When I got it all back together the hose seemed a tad too
long (<1in)I got it clamped leak free but it seems to ride up over a bit of
the metal induction plumbing.  It works fine but looks a bit messier than I
would like.  Did you trim it at all.  (a 100$ hose is real scarry to start
cutting up)

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