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Greg Johnson gregsj2 at attbi.com
Fri Nov 15 20:10:29 EST 2002

Well said.   I've been replacing some of these bushings little by little
and it makes a difference.  I may do the full monty this coming Spring.
  BTW, I did the tranny mounts this summer, and my recalcitrant gear box
now shifts very smoothly.

Greg J

Bill wrote:

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>Date: Fri, 15 Nov 2002 11:47:59 EST
>Subject: Ride Control
>To: 200q20v at audifans.com
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>  Tom,
> There are a few things to think about here, most of them are whopped-out
> The front sub frame. This piece is way overworked. The whole front end is
>hung off this thing. The upper strut mounts and rack are the only things
>bolted to the shell.
>We've got four big mushy mounts holding the sub frame to the shell, not a
>whole lot more to tie the strut housings together. Replace the mounts
> Look at the lower control arms, what locates them? More mush! Six more
>rubber bits, change them.
> How much do you think the engine and transaxle weight? Have you ever seen
>how much movement there is with worn/cooked mounts in that drivetrain? I
>have, is a ton.
>Think about all that mass flying up and down through the bumps. Change the
> Let's look out back. The lower control bushing are bound to be toast. The
>front ones (2 per side) are over worked and short-lived, change them. The
>rear inboard ones are worth doing at this time.
>++   Now your car is ready for shock, strut, spring, wheel/tire upgrade!
>          Thanks for letting me vent!

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